Upcoming Workshops

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all upcoming workshops have been postponed. Do check back in the future, as I hope to reschedule them when it is possible to run classes again.

In the meantime, if you want to keep learning and drawing, I run weekly life drawing seminars for Draw Brighton every Wednesday. See below for more information.

You can also support Draw on Patreon. This helps keep creatives around the school in work, and keeps the school going. There are also excellent perks including life model references, online life drawing sessions and exclusive blog posts.

Weekly Online Tutored Life Drawing

Date: Wednesdays Sept 2020-May 2020

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm GMT

Starting from Wednesday 16th September 2020, I will be teaching a weekly 1 hour life drawing seminar on Zoom! These seminars will cover different topics each week, covering basic drawing skills, figure drawing, and materials techniques.

There is also the option of online, mixed pose life drawing sessions that run from 1pm-2pm and 7pm-8pm afterwards.

This workshop is run through Draw Brighton's Patreon - click here for more information and a list of lessons


You can access the course, including life drawing sessions, a life model reference library, and other perks, for £25/month, (£8/month for students), plus VAT. Each session will be recorded and available to watch later via Draw's Patreon, if you cannot attend the live broadcast or wish to catch up!

Draw Brighton - Blog

Date: Mondays

Time: Any

I write regularly for Draw Brighton to provide educational art blogs on drawing for a variety of topics. 


All blog posts labelled public are free for everyone to view, whilst other posts can be accessed via Draw's Patreon, starting at £3/month, plus VAT.

Free Series:

Drawing the Portrait

Drawing from Home

Starting September 2020 I will be providing a weekly blog to accompany my online life drawing sessions.


If you are seeking individual tutoring in drawing or painting, sessions are available by arrangement. Sessions are tailored to suit the specific needs of each student, and can be one-offs or regular.

Currently I only offer 1-1 tutoring in person due to Covid restrictions, unless you are cohabiting group. I can also provide lessons via Zoom.

Please get in contact for more information.

Online 1-2-1s and Bespoke Lessons

I now offer 1-2-1 and bespoke tutoring sessions via Zoom.

These can be private feedback sessions on work that you have sent, where I can offer advice and live draw-overs for any work sent in advance of the session. 

I can also provide bespoke lessons via Zoom, either as a private 1-2-1 or for a larger group. Currently I am able to share both camera and screen feeds.

Please get in contact for more information.